The Afterhour

My song „The Afterhour“ describes the moment when you leave the wild party and open yourself to your imagination under a starry sky and let yourself fall into the universe. Maybe you see the clear starry sky, maybe you see a shooting star, maybe you experience lightness, but maybe you also hear „The Afterhour“. „The…

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Downpour Party (Single)

Everyone has experienced it, that one party outside in the garden on a hot summer day. Everyone is in a good mood and enjoying friends and the beautiful day and out of nowhere the cooling summer rain breaks out. That’s this song in a musical reminiscence of Krautrock and the creative bands of the 70s…

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Like Water (Single)

I don’t really know how to describe my next song „Like Water“ except in the words of a promise made once in a lifetime that you flow together forever like water. This promise was never claimed, but it was kept and it feels like love, freedom and security at the same time. With that feeling,…

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These days, due to new news and influences every day, I experience a very ambivalent, erratic feeling, which is also expressed in my music, which is autobiographical. On the one hand, this ambivalence is the basic theme of humanity, such as the simultaneous existence of love and hate, and on the other hand, the ability…

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Misty Shades of Winter

It’s very early in the morning and the fog slowly begins to change from a dense white wall impenetrable to the eye, to a soft first blurred then clearer and clearer vision, until the eye can fix and recognize things. This feeling of coming out of a dream into reality is the theme of the…

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Indie Arena Booth Soundtrack 2022

Indie Arena Booth Soundtrack 2022 – Supported by Gema, Neustart Kultur und dem Bundesamt für Kultur und Medien

Can you see the Sun (Single)

This song isn’t about whether you can see the sun. She is visible to everyone for Million Years. She gives light, kindles life, nourishes and divides the day into light and dark. She does it even though you don’t thank her or often don’t even notice. It a Kind of similar to your family and…

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When i met June (Single)

You’re in the outside, sitting with friends until the sun goes down, listening to music, talking, dancing, drinking, laughing, getting some crazy ideas you always wanna realize. You meet some new people, make friendships and just have a good time without the hectic of the daily world. This is when you met June, the month…

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Herr Kaschke & Kristoffer Eikrem „Like Sundays only better“

„Like Sundays, only better“ is about the feeling when I realized that you no longer just feel sad and depressed at first, but can feel positive again. That’s what the song is mostly about. I felt like the Sunday before, only better To express that even more, I asked Kristoffer Eikrem, a wonderful Norwegian Jazz-Brass…

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The Lovecats

I teamed up for my new Release with singer, songwriter and producer Barbie Williams. Imagine your favourite song from your favourite band had already been recorded by an Austrian jazz band decades before the song even existed. Sounds surreal? I did just that by delivering a unique production beneath Barbie Williams’ haunting vocals on their…

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Zomboy (Single)

Zomboy is the latest Single from Herr Kaschke. The production features tension-rising synth-riffs which complement the organic downtempo beat perfectly. The single will be featured in an upcoming Netflix show which can’t be named yet.

Herr Kaschke – Between Sunsets

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Herr Kaschke – Get over me (Single)

Get over me. Sometimes u have to: get over it, him, her, this, that, u, me. Do. dont stop. Go on Listen to my new Song here and feel better than without

Music for the Hamburg Games Conference 2021

The First Multiplayer Online Conference used my Music and Sounddesign to bring this Online-Expo alive. The Virtual Expo use the most advanced digital event framework in the world you are able to showcase your product to hundreds of B2B partners. Attendees can explore with their virtual avatar on a vivid conference. No installer needed –…

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LAV! für das IndieArenaBooth

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