Something about me...

My name is Herr Kaschke and I make music.

Over the last few years I have made music for charts, film, video games and various other media. I also did commercials for radio & TV. Mostly I make music for fun.

I started making music at school with friends. Later when I had a day job as an electrician in a coal-fired power station and a job as a night watch in a hospital, I was a keyboarder or guitar player in different bands or projects where I learnt to make sounds real. After leaving these jobs (cause I’m a young ape and I don’t really know what I want to do with my life besides music), a leading german based internet agency hired me and so I worked from 2000-2004 as a graphic designer for Nokia, Viva, o2 and some other mobile companies. From 2004-2006 the same company offered me a job in their studio where I produced the Vodafone mailbox system, a huge amount of radio and tv commercials and released my first album & cd-single as co-writer and producer.

Since 2006 I work as a musician, producer & songwriter at 3typen. In this time i work with and wrote for (not complete):

  1. ZDFkultur/3sat | Planet of the Games
  2. Peter Heppner | Songwriting, Producement
  3. Tom Albrecht | Songwriting, Producement
  4. Christina Stürmer | Songwriting
  5. Dennis Lisk | Songwriting
  6. Senta Sophia | Songwriting, Producement
  7. Jetzt anders! | Songwriting
  8. Basta | Songwriting
  9. Jörn Schlönvoigt | Songwriting, Producement
  10. Mac & Recorder | Remix
  11. Die neuen Österreicher | Songwriting
  12. Annabell | Songwriting
  13. Bernstein | Songwriting
  14. Zweitfrau | Songwriting
  15. Mario Lang | Songwriting
  16. Mtv GameOne | Songwriting
  17. Stanfour | Songwriting
  18. Nevio | Songwriting
  19. Luttenberger und Klug | Songwriting
  20. Bela B | Songwriting, Producement
  21. Apollo 3 | Songwriting, Producement
  22. Dove | Commercial & Advertising Music
  23. 1Live | On Air Design
  24. Mia | Remix
  25. Fort Minor (Mike Shinoda of Linking Park) | Remix
  26. K-OS | Remix
  27. Lady Gaga | Remix
  28. Franz Ferdinand | Remix
  29. Digitalism | Remix
  30. Die fantastischen Vier | Remix
  31. Kle.ze | Remix
  32. Xzibit | Remix
  33. 2Raumwohung | Remix
  34. Peace Officier | Remix
  35. Between Borders | Songwriting, Producement
  36. Rocketbeans Commercial | Songwriting
  37. Tiny & Big Soundtrack | Videogame | Producement

I’m also the owner of the biggest sample library in the entire universe. You can ask God if you don’t trust me: I did the sound design for the entire Creation story. Remember the Book Genesis?

Best Regards
Herr Kaschke